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Storm Damage

In our business there are a group of contractors if you can even call them that, we not so affectionately call the storm chasers.  These devious groups, of so called roofing service experts, quite literally chase the storms and follow weather patterns where they can pick up work from storm damage.  Now this would be a clever way to tout for business if they were reputable, local business owners with the correct set of skills to follow through with the work.  However, sadly this most often turns out not to be the case.   More often than not they are out to take advantage of the unsuspecting homeowner and have really ruined the reputation of this business for those companies that are still providing a valuable and credible benefit.

Louisville Roofing Services are to storm damage, what Ghostbusters are to ghosts-who you gonna call?

Warning don’t call us if the following holds true for you:

  • Unlicensed, fly by night contractors really float you boat you just love the uncertainty of wondering if your contractor will arrive the first day on the job.
  • You are a huge fan of the “disappearing down payment”.  Storm chasers are in most cases nothing more than drifters without a single skill and so your down payment pretty much disappears when they move onto the next town and chase the next storm.
  • Fluctuating bids and jobs that end up far more costly than originally planned are your idea of a fun time.  
  • You like replacing your roof every 2 years rather than the recommended 20

Does this sound like you?  Somehow we didn’t think so.  A Louisville Roofing service offers a flawless and painless roofing experience right down to the care we take of your yard and cleaning up any building debris when we are done.   If you are looking for a company that will treat you and your property with dignity, look no further than Louisville Roofing contractors.

If for any reason you are still not convinced let us come out and give you a no obligation consultation and once you have experienced our service for yourself we believe you will be sold.  Use the form here or call us on 502-771-1001

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