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Residential Roof Replacement New Albany, IN

Unfortunately there are occasions where a completely new construction of the roof is required and when that’s the case Louisville Roofing services are the ones to call.  Our team of roof designers and construction professionals are able to provide a new structure for any commercial or residential property.  Our policy is to book a comprehensive consultation with you and our engineers so that you know exactly what time frame and budget we are looking at for your job.  We guarantee excellent quality roofing because we only use the highest quality material which means you get a durable roof at a reasonable cost.  As in every industry you may find that you are bombarded with a wide range of prices all quoted for the same job.  The problem we have is with sub-standard contractors slashing the prices and giving people poor quality products.   We say the cost of buying a really cheap roof is way too expensive when you have to replace the roof in 2 years instead of 20.  So please bear in mind while we may not be the cheapest quote you get, we are offering you the very best bang for your buck.

Louisville Roofing contractors take the greatest pride in their work and have the expertise to put in the required effort and use the correct equipment to build you a roof that will last you a good 20 years.

At Louisville Roofing services we realize that replacing over repairing is significant in terms of cost; however under certain conditions we recommend that you do just that.

  • You have a roof that is around 25 years old and when you had it inspected, although it had obviously been maintained over the years, the materials and techniques used are now outdated and as such the effectiveness of your shelter was now under review. 
  • You have extensive leaking through multiple problem areas.  To undergo a mere repair job is likely to compound the problem rather than fix it and what tends to happen is that the leak seems to “move” to another area.
  • Your current home or even a new purchase may need to have a “face-lift”.  Replacing the roof can be a sure fire way of increasing the value of a structure and you will certainly recoup your capital outlay in the event you are “flipping” a home.  A new roof that complements the architecture of the home or building increases the overall appeal.
  • There is so much new cool technology in the roofing industry that are moving towards more eco –friendly techniques that save you money in the long run.  These conserve energy and have the feel good appeal of your personal effort towards supporting the environment.

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