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Louisville Roofing services has the most up to date infrared scanning service for detecting moisture and leaks in the Louisville Kentucky area.  We will test the drywall and insulation for any moisture that may indicate a problem that would so often be missed.  This practice safeguards against the non-detection of hidden leaks.   Our same day service turnaround means that issues are dealt with promptly.  Hiring the right contractor is the first step in addressing your roofing needs and having them repaired in an effective and permanent manner.  If you are looking for the best roofing contractors in Louisville then you need to call us now and let us show you why, to use us, is to have peace of mind.

The infrared scanner has revolutionized the level of service we have been able to provide for our customers.  Of course we all know that water seeks its own level which indicates that although you may detect a leak somewhere it is rarely the cause for the leak itself.  Water flows down the interior walls long before there is any actual evidence of the concern.  These hand-held devices enable us to scan for hidden moisture, not perceivable with the naked eye and get to work rapidly, for in our game every minute wasted there is the potential for further deterioration.

So when weighing up replacing your roof totally with merely repairing the one you have here are some factors to take into consideration.

  1. Take into account that shingles will sometimes come loose or may be affected by high winds and get blown off entirely.   It is also very common for us to see shingles that have been improperly placed around stack pipe flashing.  Louisville Roofing contractors will easily nail down replacement shingles or redo a poor installation job.  Then you can most definitely save your hard earned cash by booking a repair rather than a whole restoration.
  2. A dripping ceiling may not indicate that a whole new roof is on the cards.  Use your naked eye to check for mold and sagging or warping in the timbers.  If it’s something that has just started then it’s more than likely an easy home improvement and by using Louisville Roofing services you can be sure that we will be looking for ways to keep your costs down and the standard of the work high.  So it’s a win/win for you.
  3. Ice and snow can cause damage to soffit gables, eaves and overhangs.  You want to prevent and get rid of any ice pooling as this will further damage the timber and also to check for any insects.  Call an exterminator if you see any of these unwelcome guests even if you don’t see the actual nest.  Louisville roofers can repair any rotten timber and help you with ice and snow removal before real contamination occurs.

At Louisville Roofing services we will do our upmost to repair the structure you already have unless it will cost you more money to continue to undergo repairs.  Call us now for a no obligation assessment and we will give you honest and current advice on just how to tackle the problems you may be experiencing.

You can get hold of us in two easy ways, either by phone or by using the form located here on our website. The number to call is 502-771-1001

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