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Roof Inspection

Now there are at least twenty great reasons that we can think of to use Louisville Roofing for any and all your roofing needs.  But the number one reason of them all is our free roofing inspection service.  Louisville Roof contractors will offer you a thorough and detailed inspection and come back to you with an accurate estimate that will work within the most modest of budgets.

Top 5 reasons to use Louisville Roofing services for your free, no obligation inspection are;

  1. One of our trained professionals will do an onsite visual survey of your roof.  This includes the actual roof condition and roofing materials as well as an assessment of the type of building that is involved.
  2. We use specific scientific instrumentation in order to make sure that all the possibilities are covered. 
  3. We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty and integrity, and all of our inspectors are regularly drug screened to ensure job safety.
  4. Our findings and recommendations to fix any issues that you may have, will all be delivered in writing and the quote is valid for 30 days from issue date.
  5. Our annual free inspection will save you money in the long run as we will be able to catch any issues early on, and schedule repair jobs as they happen instead of leaving things to break down irretrievably.

Indeed the single most important thing you can do to protect your family against any unforeseen weather and weather effects is to use the contact form conveniently placed on this page, we are sure you can’t miss it.  Or if you are still a telephone kind of person feel free to use this number 502-771-1001.

We like to educate our customers that the best practice for basic roof maintenance is booking a Louisville roofing call out even if there are no obvious leaks. When it comes to the elements, your roof is your first line of defense and broken and cracked tiles leave your roof vulnerable to water damage and also provide an easy target for potential criminals looking for an easy way to get into your property.  Exposed waterproofing is susceptible to sun damage and if hidden leaks do occur they can attract nesting insects into the rotten wood.  Smaller leaks are often initially absorbed by ceiling insulation and may go completely unnoticed while the timber is slowly rotting.  Something that most of our customers don’t know is that most often the timber in your ceiling is untreated and therefore deteriorates pretty quickly.

So take action now and one of our friendly and helpful staff will schedule you for your inspection.  This is action you want to take as any delay may only cause later frustration.  You know what to do.

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