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Apartment Roof Repair

Due to the recent demand in the Louisville area, Louisville roofing services created a special division within our company that deals specifically with condos and apartment blocks.   This allows us to liaise between the relevant Condo Associations, the insurance companies and the condo or apartment owner.  In this way, we once again facilitate any roof repair or replacement jobs that need to be handled.   Flat roofing replacement and repair requires specific waterproofing and at Louisville Roofing services we can manage it all.  Our contractors working in this department are chosen precisely for their competence in this field.

It all started with an education initiative for Condo associations that explained just how, for a small annual spend our Louisville condo roofing expert would ensure the health and safety of your particular building.  It was our mission to relay the message that the life of your roof can be extended by a good 15 years if given the correct treatment and underwent regular inspections.  Documenting the roof condition through written reviews and photo documenting allows all the condo owners access to the current roof condition and any possible upcoming costs to be incurred through work that needs to be scheduled.   Louisville Roofing services also spends time with Condo managers and maintenance to highlight some of the warning signs they can keep their eye out for.  A vigilant and familiar onsite maintenance crew can really help in early detection of issues and prevent costly repair at a later stage, by conduction of regular roof walks.

Looking out for visible water pooling, rusting metal, cracked walling or blistered paint are just some of the easy roof asset management program tips that we teach.  This approach is really working well across the Louisville Kentucky area.  It was easy to implement and has saved many condo and apartment complexes thousands of dollars.  To prevent is so much easier than to cure and so this enterprise has been really well received by Condo associations and owners alike as a convenient, relatively simple and hassle free way to protect and maintain their asset.  

By now you will have realized that at Louisville Roofing services we have the interests of our customers at heart.  To forget that our very business relies on your spreading the information about our first class benefits would be nothing short of foolish.  It is with this in mind that we have established various asset management programs and ongoing roof maintenance education.  This is our way to give back to a community, which in return comes back to us ten-fold as we have become a household name that can be trusted.  

So if you are a member of a Condo association or a condo owner find out how you can join our program and save your complex thousands of dollars over the next 20 years.   Finding out is as easy as clicking through the contact form on this page or giving us a ring on 502-771-1001.

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