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0For the past 15 years, Jackson Construction services have been delivering the best roofing services at the best price.  A house or building without a substantial roof is much like a pair of top trainers without any laces: beautiful to look at but lacking the ability to really live up to their true calling. If you took a shortcut on your roof would be ill-advised and more than likely will end up costing you dearly later.  Rather go with a name that you can trust to deliver on all your roofing requirements and save yourself the headaches that are bound to come with a half-baked job.  

Jackson Construction is accredited with the relevant safety authorities and our contractors are all licensed and are routinely evaluated for any health related issues that may prevent them from being able to effectively carry out their job requirements.   Jackson Construction also adhere and carry all the necessary insurance that is required given the nature of our business.  So you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a professional and reputable company that pays close attention to safety issues.

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We have literally hundreds of satisfied customers who have all been delighted with the quality of our work and exceptional service.  So go ahead and schedule an appointment with us for a convenient time and we will show you how we can take care of your roofing needs.  We are in the business of pleasing our customers and going above and beyond to not only do the best job imaginable but also to leave your home as clean as we found it and not destroy your precious landscaped yard.  The difference is that we care about our clientele and treat you and your home with the respect it deserves.  There is method to our madness since we thrive and survive on referrals and repeat business so establishing an ongoing working relationship with you is essential for that.

Part and parcel of our first class service is our attachment to schedules and punctual call outs.  We know you have better things to do than wait for your contractor to come when they say they will.  So we factor this in and give you a small window within which you can expect your appointment.  Should something unforeseeable occur you will be notified and we can either reschedule your inspection or we will give you an accurate time frame as to when to expect us.  This stretches to our work schedules as well.  We endeavor to give you a genuine appraisal of what work needs to be done and the time frame you can expect for completion and then we stand by our assessment.   The thing is when it comes to having your roof fixed or replaced this is not a task that can be drawn out over a long length of time, generally this needs to be quick and efficient and at Jackson Construction we aim to provide our customers with just that. 

So get hold of us via telephone on 502-271-8031 or using the contact form right here.

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